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Eurofresh Industries

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Eurofresh Industries is providing individual and community hygiene solutions to people in and outside the Bangalore city. The company takes pleasure in offering Aerosol Dispensers, Soap Dispensers, Tissue Paper Dispensers, Fully Automatic Hand Dryers, Auto Shoe Polish Machines, Fly Catcher/Insect Killer, Air Curtains, Q-Up Stands/Barricades, Cleaning Equipments, Stainless Steel Hygiene Bins for a better health and living on every level. We at KVR are equally concerned about the welfare of each partner in the society younger or older, where health and hygiene is one of the building pillars of your way forward. We cater to every scale of order to attain healthy surroundings at home, work place, places of common use open premises or the covered. Health is always a major factor in any stage in our lives and people go a long way to get a promising health for the fine working of their professional lives, businesses, jobs, and for the overall well being. Now by our expertise and your desire together we can make a positive change in a land where the hygiene is most indifferently treated. In a little span of service the brand has managed to create difference by spreading awareness among people through the promotion of our paying products.


Jet Hand dryer in bangalore
Jet Hand dryer in bangalore INR  47500 INR  40000
-15.79 %
3m Mat
3m Mat INR  650 INR  100
-84.62 %
Out Door Bin
Out Door Bin INR  6500 INR  1000
-84.62 %
Monkey dust bin
Monkey dust bin INR  6500 INR  1750
-73.08 %
Counter Mounter Soap Dispenser
Counter Mounter Soap Dispenser INR  2749 INR  799
-70.93 %
 OTTO Garbage bin
OTTO Garbage bin INR  24000 INR  3000
-87.5 %
Recycle bins
Recycle bins INR  32500 INR  26000
-20 %
Qmanagers in Bangalore
Qmanagers in Bangalore INR  2100 INR  1650
-21.43 %
Queue Manager
Queue Manager INR  2000 INR  1600
-20 %
trio bin
trio bin INR  22500 INR  17000
-24.44 %
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3M tape in bangalore
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We are ma
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