What are the features of automatic jet hand dryers?

Eurofresh Jet & Automatic hand dryer manufacturer in Bangalore India brings a convenient product for your bathroom, an automatic jet hand dryer. For speedy drying, the products offer a very fast airflow. It is an adaptable piece that can be installed at any corner of the wall on your flat. It can be installed very easily on the bathroom walls. It provides your bathroom with a very classy glance. For enhanced durability, Stainless steel hand dryers are constructed for your bathrooms. This product is a great option for your bathroom and it can also be installed in alternative to the hand towel dispensers. Hand dryers also save paper, therefore it is an environmentally friendly product. It is having an automatic function that allows smooth and simple ways to operate. The body of the product is made up of stainless steel. It is a long-lasting product. The hand dryer has a shell that is very durable.

Certain specifications of Eurofresh Hand dryers:-

● It is having power and voltage of AC220V and 50HZ. ● It is not at all time consuming as it just takes 8-10 secs for drying. ● It is also having an energy-saving mode and cleans your hand very thoroughly and quickly. ● The blowing rate of the product is 90M/S. ● The blowing volume is 150m3/H. ● The product is water splash-proof. ● It can also be controlled by a CPU with an infrared sensor jet hand dryer. ● The motors of the products are brushless. ● The air jets are bio directional. ● The stainless steel is rust proof and waterproof and it also acts invulnerable against corrosion and moisture. The Hand dryer manufactures also provides a 6 months warranty of the product. It is easily affordable by the people and is not much costly. When you place your hand in the cavity of the unit then air will blow automatically. Bring this automatic jet hand dryer to your home and enjoy its benefits. To prevent cross-contamination, this automatically operated product offers a hygienic hand free solution. The hand dryer is of moderate size with a dimension of 680 × 270 × 220 MM. The product is very much easy to use and one can clean the product very easily.

About Jet & Automatic hand dryer manufacturer

Euro fresh is a good and old brand and is serving people for years now. The main aim of our brand does not provide any policy to disappoint our customers. We also provide easy installation of the product.